Established in 2017 and 100% vegan owned and operated, Zad's is a game-changing fast food restaurant, for an ethical generation, who care about their health and the world which we all live in. 



Pizzas (9"/ 12")

Margherita (£6.99 / £8.99)

Fresh tomato sauce plus our special blend of cheeses.

Veggie Supreme (£7.99 / £9.99)

Fresh tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms, sweetcorn, red onion, olives & mixed peppers.

Hawaiian (£7.99 / £9.99)

Fresh tomato sauce, cheese, smoky seitan & pineapple.

Pepperoni  (£7.99 / £10.49)

Fresh tomato sauce, cheese, pepperoni & mushrooms.

Hench Herbivore (£7.99 / £9.99)

Fresh tomato sauce, cheese, basil, spinach, mushrooms & olives.

Cheesy Feast (£7.99 / £9.99)

A pizza for those who just really love cheese

The Revolution (£8.49 / £10.99)

Fresh tomato sauce, cheese, avocado, pineapple, mixed peppers & scotch bonnet chillies – optional hot sauce.

Seitan BBQ (£8.49 / £10.99)

BBQ sauce base, cheese, spiced seitan, mixed peppers, sweetcorn and red onion.

Vegan Gains (£8.49 / £10.99)

Fresh tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms & spinach, plus some tofu & seitan based proteins – protein packed pizza!

Pig Save® pizza* (£8.49 / £11.99)

Fresh tomato sauce, cheese, smoky maple strips, hot dog, pepperoni & smoked seitan. *50p from each pizza will be donated to local animal save groups or vegan charities.

Fiery Zadras (£8.49 / £10.99)

Fresh tomato sauce and cheese, topped with soya chunks, marinated in a fiery madras sauce, peppers, sweetcorn, red onion, mushrooms and jalapeno peppers

Monthly Special (£8.49/£11.99) - check the Zad's app, or click 'order now' for details. 

Additional Toppings (£0.50 / £0.70)

Mushrooms, sweetcorn, red onion, olives, mixed peppers, pineapple, basil, spinach, chillies or extra cheese.

Plain (£3.99 / £4.99)

Cheesy garlic bread (£5.99 / £6.99)

Garlic bread (9"/ 12")

Burgers & Hot dogs


Cheeseburger £4.99
Fillet burger £4.50
Loaded dog £4.99
- with fried onions, seitan and spicy mayo
Smoky tempeh £5.99 - Burger patty, smoky seitan strips & cheese.
Zad burger £6.99 - Double patty, cheese, avocado and an onion ring

Beyond Zad's Burger £8.49 A succulent Beyond Meat patty, with hash brown, cheese, bacon bits and a special burger sauce. Get ready for the best burger you've ever tasted. 


Fries £1.99

Curly fries £2.49

Onion rings £2.49

Cheesy fries £2.49

Nuggets (6) £3.49

Nuggets (10) £4.75

ZFC (Small) £3.75

ZFC (Large) £4.75


Cans £1

Karma Drinks £2.20

Still or sparkling mineral water in glass bottles £1


Check out the Zad's app for details...



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